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From custom homes to kitchen and bath remodels, and from law offices to dental offices, Tbektu Design + Development believes spaces should not only support the basic activities and needs of the inhabitants of those spaces, but they should also enhance those experiences. Teresa's keen attention to detail ensures the incorporation of elements that please the eye and also consider the way people move in a space. Ms. Beck designs & draws complete plans for renovations, add-ons and homes, including the “Halcyon Halls” plans.

Ms. Beck began her career in interior design at the former David & Associates, Ltd. (a commercial design firm) in Phoenix, AZ in 1983. In 1985 she opened her own design firm in Columbia, TN (Interiors, Inc.) and in 2005 added property development to her repertoire. Thus, her former interior design business became Tbektu Design + Development, LLC. Forty years of experience and over 300 hours of continuing education have afforded Ms. Beck the understanding of the common needs of people and, more importantly, the unique needs of individuals. 

Tbektu (tee bek too) Design + Development, LLC's mission is to provide clients designs with a "mindful concept for living"--mindful of the current and future needs of occupants, mindful of the way humans move comfortably through spaces, mindful of minimum environmental impact, mindful of how we spend our time (low maintenance) and mindful of the impact of color and beauty on humans.

Teresa Beck Tbektu Design
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